Arlene Stigum Original Artist of Visionary Art, Energy Work, and Silk Painting.  Images come through prayer revealed by the Holy Ghost.  Poetry and prose follow the painting as the completing gift by the Holy Ghost.

Energy Art


As a favor, I painted the energy image of the property located at 21 Beacon Street in Boston, Massachusetts, to be displayed at the one-hundred-and-first (101) anniversary celebration.  Due to short notice, I painted 19-hours straight using the building’s energy and delivered the painting wet at 5 p.m. minutes prior to the celebration. 

In preparation to painting, I stood on the sidewalk listening to the building’s energy.  Through the Spirit, I heard jazz music, smelt cigars, and saw tall planted palms against Grecian pillars 20-feet tall with portly suited politicians engaged in idea posturing while seated in brimmed leather chairs and warming their brandy and icing their scotch.  This building asked to be painted lavender with sunlight as mortar for revolution was part of the daily discussion in Boston.  This was a place for trying out new ideas before engaging in battle next door at the State House.  This, my first architectural painting was displayed to the 140-guests attending the 101st anniversary celebration of the building.  Senator Kennedy spoke at this event and shared that the State House Pages would go to the 21 Beacon Street lobby lounge for roll call.  Confirmation that what the Spirit showed me was true.

As a lesson for legacy, we must know our history in order to protect the good we have, and change the negative.  Notice of what is and is not is also available in energy art.  The energy behind the actions place a marker on a particular location that remains until purified.  This energy may be of good or bad, all depending upon the energy fueling the actions.

Energy is placed as markers from feelings and intense emotions surrounding events at a physical location.  These markers may be from people still living, as death is not a prerequisite.  The marker does not grow with the person, so a child’s laughter and expressions of glee may remain and be revisited 20-years after the event.  Much like an argument can burden and stifle the air noticeable to non-participants entering the room, looking around as if someone is there or having an uncomfortable feeling and not knowing why.  This is energy. 

Years of repeated deposits create a film on a location that if not moved, remains until the location is spiritually cleansed or as long as the ground is left unburnt.  Cleansing a location is often required when repeated negative circumstances replay upon themselves.  Unfortunately booming economies place old buildings to new uses without cleansing, hence previous difficult areas are transcended physically and not spiritually, leaving old haunts in confusion, roaming hallways and at times effecting the electrical system as their ground is still intact and the magnetic charge continues to hold them firm to that location.

Having cleansed such properties myself, it is an inappropriate abeyance some developers leave for new occupants.  Sanctioned ground need remain sanctioned ground.  Negatively charged areas need correction to good.  Negatively charged areas in the absence of buildings potentially have the opportunity to be burnt, whether or not this is allowed is a function of local government.  Fire purifies soil and sets the charge to neutral, and awakens God’s good work, until people once again place their energy on the location.

The responsibility is to acknowledge the boundaries of ourselves and others and honor the buildings we enter, as we all leave a stamp on the future.


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